Vorwärts immer!

feature film (2017)


1989, East Berlin: Anne wants to obtain a forged West Pass for her illegal departure from the GDR and travels with the rebellious August to the Monday demonstration in Leipzig. She does this against the will of her father Otto Wolf, a famous GDR state actor and gifted Honecker imitator. He accidentally learns that tanks are to be used against the demonstrators during the next march. Disguised as Honecker, he smuggles himself into the Central Committee and wants to withdraw the order to shoot, but due to unfortunate circumstances he ends up in Wandlitz with Margot Honecker, before whom he must now pretend to be her husband. Now Otto needs the help of his acting colleagues to get out of the mess with perfect skin...


Crazy Film


Franziska Meletzky


Bella Halben

VFX Supervisor

Pascal Bussmann


visual development, set supervision, cg crowd, set extention, mattepaining, digital fx, cg animation, compositing

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