virtual production

showcase (2020)


Virtual Production Studio - Germany // NRW

The Virtual Production Studio in Cologne is the result of an initiative of MMC Studios and LAVAlabs moving images. Feature film and series productions can be handled in virtual rooms – completely independent of possible travel restrictions, seasons, weather conditions or filming permits.
We use interactive real-time rendering technology and motion capturing and combine it with a high-resolution LED wall. While actors or objects are positioned in front of the LED wall, a digital 3D real-time environment is shown in the background. This real-time background is digitally connected to the camera via tracking technology. Therefore, the camera can move freely, just like on a conventional shoot, and the background adapts physically correctly to the movements. With the technology of modern graphics cards, a realistic lighting environment can be generated in real time.

showcase movie

We are very excited that our case was featured in the "Unreal Build: Virtual Production" Unreal Engine Event Nov 2020.
Link to the video: Unreal Build: Virtual Production Event


MMC Studios, ETC


virtual production, unreal engine coding, realtime rendering, digital set extention, cg animation, virtual camera setup, motion capturing



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