TV MOVIE (2015)


Felix Winterberg (Tom Beck) is a genius. Being the great, great, grandson of famous scientist Albert Einstein (from whom he gets his nick name „Einstein“), he carries a heavy burden: he works on several scientific research projects and with 32 years experience, he is the youngest professor who ever taught theoretical physics at the university of Bochum.

However, Felix is terminally ill. He has the genetic disease Chorea Huntington and the physical and mental decline approaches inexorably — most likely Felix will not experience his 40th birthday.

In order to advance his research with the little time he has left, he works up to 21 hours daily. He only keeps up by using different illegal stimulant drugs. Felix has been arrested numerous times due to the abuse and theft of these drugs. The only thing that can save him from a prison sentence is an exceptional deal with the police: If he helps out the criminal investigation department of Bochum as an „external advisor“ with his highly intelligent argumentation during a homicide case in the drug scene, he will be spared the prison sentence and can continue his research in the field of physics.

Grudgingly, Felix agrees to this explosive deal with group leader Tremmel (Rolf Kanies) and unwillingly has to work with the headstrong chief inspector Elena Lange (Annika Ernst), who isn’t excited either.



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Zeitsprung Pictures


Thomas Jahn


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