Ein Sommer In Island

TV Movie(2014)

Jette Krogmann wants to grant her great aunt Rosalie’s last wish to scatter her ashes at the grave of her former love Hakon in Iceland. However, the search for the grave turns out to be difficult: Hakon’s daughter Freya doesn’t know where her father’s ashes were scattered. Elf minister Alrún is supposed to help. Then there is the much younger tour guide Andri, who Jeete runs into frequently. The passionate musician enchants Jette. She finds out that he is Freya’s son, who is anything but happy about their liaison. Jette remains unlucky with the search: Alrún comes up empty handed. Jette’s only chance is the man who scattered Hakon’s ashes but, he has since passed away. His widow can only give her a picture of Rosalie and Hakon at the place where his ashes were scattered. Jette continues her search and runs into Andri again. And suddenlay the weather changes…



Production Company

zeitsprung pictures


Sven Bohse




Visual Effects