Der Fall Barschel

TV MOVIE (2015)


After a plane crash, which he survives seriously injured, Uwe Barschel (Matthias Matschke) surprisingly loses the foundation in his election campaign in Schleswig-Holstein. Additionally, just before the election, a scandal breaks: A newspaper reports that he allegedly spied on his popular competitor Björn Engholm and that he started a smear campaign with the support of the dubious media consultant Pfeiffer (Martin Brambach). Barschel denies everything publicly, giving his word of honor. However, two ambitious reporters David Burger (Alexander Fehling) und Olaf Nissen (Fabian Hinrichs) uncover the truth, forcing the prime minister to resign. The reporters are given a hero’s welcome as the newspaper celebrates a seminal moment in its history.

When Barschel is found dead in a bathtub in a hotel in Geneva the affair takes on a whole new dimension. Even though the investigators assume suicide, his family suspects foul play. In an investigation that lasts years, Burger obsessively follows every lead, which make the case appear more and more monstrous. Illegal arms deals through the DDR, connections to the submarine deal with South Africa and even a possible connection to the Iran-Contra affair. In the meantime, all connections to his former life and friends & family dwindle away. Instead, Burger, who starts a romantic affair with photographer Giselle (Antje Traue), submerges deeper into the world of dubious information. He can no longer trust anyone.



Production Company

Zeitsprung Pictures


Kilian Riedhoff


Benedict Neuenfels


Plane Crash, Explosions of Cars and Smoke