Research and Development

Our clients increasingly desire single-source solutions that are innovative and useful, attractive and intuitively usable. In 2015, we therefore founded our own research department called INNOVATIONSHUB together with a university and a media technology partner. The INNOVATIONSHUB covers services from brainstorming, conceptualizing, to execution and implementation of innovative solutions. Here, we cooperate with other companies and universities on digital innovations. The European Union and the state North Rhine- Westphalia support our INNOVATIONSHUB through the EFRE-programs (European Regional Development Fund). The program helps promote the INNOVATIONSHUB partners by providing opportunities for innovation.

LAVAlabs moving images is part of:

NOSTRESS – Individualisierbare Stressreduktion durch multimodale virtuelle Umgebungen und empathische User Interfaces

MARTA – Mixed Reality art in public space – Tools, Communication, Distribution

WICKIE – An innovation hub for digital media solutions in the public space

THERAPY ASSIST – Development of an therapeutic assistance system, which supports and supervises the patients independent training at home during all phases of rehabilitation

VR-RLX – Virtual Reality-system for the reduction of children’s anxiety during MRI scans

MOCCA – Motion Capturing Creative Area – A creative structure for transdisciplinary projects in the field of motion analysis, dance and motion picture

LAVAlabs is part of a network called “Perzpektive” – a cooperation initiative with the goal to develop technical solutions for people with simple or multiple limitations in their perception, communication and movement